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Automatic Bandsaws

AUTOMATIC bandsaw machines are designed to work with little intervention from an operator. Once programmed, the machine will continue cutting to length until either the required number of pieces has been met or the stock length of material has been exhausted.

Automatic bandsaws also allow for greater accuracy and consistent cutting which can increase blade life. Once correctly set the machine will cut at an optimum speed to achieve required cycle times. Choosing the correct cutting parameters is an objective covered in Prosaw’s TRAINING courses. These lessons provide your operator with the knowledge needed to get the most from your investment and at the same time meet your obligations to the Health & Safety of your staff.

Automatic bandsaws are not restricted to straight cutting. Some models allow for mitre cuts in semi-automatic mode and other models allow for in-cycle mitre cutting.

Machines can be supplied with a MATERIAL HANDLING system to assist with moving material through the saw and aid your operator with cutting to the correct length using a measuring system.

All Prosaw machines are backed up by our SERVICE department and directly employed team of engineers.

If you are unsure of the best Bandsaw solution for your particular needs, just get in contact with our experienced technical team who are always happy to chat through your requirements so that we can offer the best advice and solution. To contact us, just CLICK HERE or call 01536-410999 

Heavy duty automatic bandsaws are compact, versatile and can be pivot action and twin column. The large capacity automatic bandsaws are rigid high performance machines reducing vibration, for best surface finish and blade life. An automatic bandsaw indexes the material for multiple cuts and can be left unattended for "lights out" operation. The material is incremented to the required component length by a powered roller feed vice or shuttle feed vice and maintain excellent cutting tolerances.

Standard Features

Hydraulic blade tension and powered swarf conveyor are standard features of many machines within the automatic bandsaw range.

Material Types

All types of materials can be cut on these saws including super alloy, mild steel, stainless steels in various sections, tube and solids as well as aluminium profiles, solid plastic, and other non ferrous materials.

Automatic Bandsaw Options

Options include steplessly variable blade speed, hydraulic bundle clamps, vice pressure reduction, mist spray lubrication, and swarf extractors for increased production. Automatic bandsaws are also available with manual or automatic mitre cutting and long stroke feeding of the material to speed the cycle time when long components are required.

NC and CNC Systems

Sophisticated NC systems on automatic bandsaws come with simple human interfaces and are designed for easy entry of component length and quantities. CNC machines allow the input of material type and size or numerous component lengths for high performance sawing where speeds and feeds are adjusted automatically throughout a cutting list.