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Machine Comparison: Waytrain UE331DSA vs Waytrain UE460DSA.

18th Nov 2016

These two very similar machines, the Waytrain UE460DSA and Waytrain UE331 bandsaws, are heavy duty semi automatic horizontal bandsaws. Ideal for tough, substantial cutting jobs with their heavy duty features, mitre cutting to 60° twinned with the semi-automatic feed it makes handling the workpiece much more manageable. These two heavy duty bandsaw machines are designed for fast accurate cutting of solids, sections and tubes.

The Similarities

Nobody wants to be wasting valuable time in the workshop but as important as time is equally so is accuracy. Both these two Waytrain bandsaws have many of the same features;

  • Easy to use controls with DRO head height setting
  • Full stroke hydraulic vice
  • Electrical controls with overloads & PC
  • Swarf brush driven from drive wheel
  • Easily adjustable 60° - 0 - 60° mitre
  • Full stroke hydraulic vice
  • Vice pressure reduction
  • 26-80 m/min blade speed
  • Laser cutting line

The Differences

The main difference between these two machines is the cutting capacity. The maximum cutting capacity at 90° for the UE331DSA bandsaw is 330mm and the UE460DSA bandsaw can cut material up to 460mm. The capacity chart below indicates the maximum capacity of each machine when mitre cutting and cutting rectanglular material.

They also use different size bandsaw blades. The UE331 has the typical 34mm blade that is normally found on these types of bandsaws. However the UE460 has a 41mm blade width giving a remarkably larger beam strength, noticed particularly when cutting large diameters or wide sections.

  Waytrain UE331 Waytrain UE460
90° 330mm 485mm x 320mm 460mm 600mm x 440mm
650mm x 300mm
45° Right/Left 315mm 315mm x 315mm 460mm 460mm x 460mm
60° Right/Left 215mm 195mm x 315mm 330mm 330mm x 330mm

Material Handling Systems

Prosaw can provide complete materials handling systems for the UE331 and UE460 bandsaws including free running or roller conveyors and powered conveyors, measuring systems. For more information please visit the materials handling systems product page.

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