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The Ultimate High Performance Automatic Carbide Circular Saw - CS150

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The Mega CS 150 automatic carbide circular saw will not fail to impress. The Mega CS 150 carbide circular saw is a perfect composition of cutting power, speed and precision accuracy. This is accomplished by the combination of power, blade type and positioning. A circular saw with this kind of heavy duty, automatic gear transmission can withstand the high degree of power input needed to cut through solid metal bars, and with a carbide blade this process becomes faster than you would ever expect. See the Mega CS 150 cut through 4” 316 stainless steel solid bar in 30 seconds in this video.

CS 150 Features

You can also see some of this circular saw's other features that makes this automatic carbide circular saw so productive. For instance an easy adjustable integrated magazine feeder to accommodate different material sizes; in fact this feeder is an impressive 6 feet long. Hydraulics are used on the feeder for the lifting and lowering in addition to the clamp and feed process. The user friendly HMI makes the Mega CS 150 carbide circular saw a breeze to control. Progress is always important even in small areas so the usual cutting fluid has been replaced with an oil mist spray for smooth, dry, mess free cutting. This is indeed a well oiled machine. These may not be the most glamorous aspects of CS 150 machine but it makes life a whole lot easier when handling tough jobs both in terms of material and time constraints.

Mega CS 150 circular saw features

If you are finding the choice between a horizontal bandsaw and a circular saw a difficult one then consider the following makes the choice a lot easier; greater accuracy +/- 0.05mm, cut times, cutting 6 to 9 times faster, surface finish to Ra 1.180 μm and low running costs.

The CS 150 automatic carbide circular saw really is the ultimate high performance machine for quick carbide cutting with a high quality finish on stainless steel solid bars, in addition to other materials and profiles.

CS 150 Customer Stories

Don't just take our word for it. Read about how the CS 150 circular saw has maximised production and quality for Sheffield based A.D.Bird Stainless Ltd. who supply specialist stainless steel materials and also market leader in the stockholding and processing of stainless steel, tool steel and construction products Cogne. Other UK users include Aalco, Rightons and Gould Alloys.

Mega CS 150 automatic carbide circular saw

The CS 150 Automatic Carbide Circular Saw in a nutshell:

  • Automatic high speed carbide circular saw cutting
  • Minimal vibration for precision and quailty cut 6 ft adjustable feeder with hydralic lift and lower system
  • User friendly HMI controls
  • NC servo motor and ball screw feeder for precision accuracy and quick setup
  • Oil mist spray for clean, dry cut Materials include aluminium, stainless steel, nickel alloy and plastics.

For more information, to discuss your requirements or to arrange a working demonstration please call the Prosaw sales team on 01536 410999 or send us an email.

Prosaw CS150 Automatic Carbide Circular Saw