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DANOBAT: Benchmark for Brilliant Band Saws

DANOBAT: Benchmark for Brilliant Band Saws

DANOBAT: Benchmark for Brilliant Band Saws

It can be easily said that DANOBAT is the benchmark for vertical band saws and horizontal band saws. Why is it that we can say this?

With a focus is on niche applications for high-end technology products they deliver tailor made sawing solutions for a varied field of machine applications. If that isn't enough for you then maybe the fact DANOBAT have been manufacturing machinery for over 60 years provides the experience and expertise.

DANOBAT not only manufacture but develop and problem solve custom solutions for complex sawing applications. This is especially important due to DANOBAT's involvement in demanding industry sectors such as aerospace, automotive, oil and gas and many others. Watch our DANOBAT promotional video below for an overview.

What makes DANOBAT bandsaws such a wise investment?

DANOBAT are determined to provide solutions to the most difficult cutting challenges by manufacturing band saws, both vertical and horizontal, that will cater for the user's specific needs.

The setup of the saw head and mounting points give the most accurate cutting path. Filling parts of the saw head and columns with polymer concrete stabilises the machine preventing vibrations from altering the path for the work piece or blade giving an efficient and accurate finish.

For example the heavy duty Gantry band saws and Transfer band saws are semi or fully automatic and designed for large or even huge capacity cutting. They have two independent and rigid guiding arms which, coupled with the stability provided by the aforementioned polymer cement guarantees an accurate, quick and consistent cut.

Band Sawing Technology

DANOBAT has conceived and designed band saw machines to help your business achieve higher performance in productivity, accuracy and blade life. The success is a result of the quality of the machine manufacture. DANOBAT have taken into consideration the material fastening which is done at both sides of the blade, the guiding arm is adjusted automatically and there is hydraulic locking during the cut. In order to provide the best possible torque, powerful saw motors and gear boxes are installed. To browse through the different band saw models please visit the links below.

For more information please visit the Danobat Bandsaws page or call the Prosaw sales team on 01536 410999.

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