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A MEGA Success

Customer: Special Quality Alloys Ltd

Rapid sawing of nickel steel billets achieved with new Prosaw Mega bandsaws

Located in the "Steel City" of Sheffield, Special Quality Alloys Ltd are a market leading supplier of forged products, bar and machined components in nickel based alloys, duplex, super duplex, stainless steels and carbon and alloy grades principally for the oil and gas, power generation, aerospace and general engineering industry around the world. The Company holds approvals required by the oil and gas industry including IS0 9001, ISO 14001 as well as numerous end user approvals.

The Mega BS330HAS heavy duty automatic bandsawPart of the Special Steel Group, Special Quality Alloys were delighted to have been requested to produce a total of 35,000 bars to be cut to size from billets, forming part of a single individual project.

The company had previously purchased a number of saws from Prosaw, but this specialised rapid sawing application was so intensive that two brand new saws were required in order to fulfill the demand.

Firstly, Prosaw supplied a Mega BS330HAS heavy duty automatic bandsaw to the company, which has been fully employed cutting the billets for seven days in every week since installation.

Later, this was supplemented with a second machine, a Mega H-460A heavy duty automatic twin column bandsaw. Both Mega saws are perfectly capable of superfast cutting of the high Rockwell hardness nickel steel billets.

The Mega H-460A heavy duty automatic The Mega BS330HAS heavy duty automatic bandsaw twin column bandsaw

Special Quality Alloys Operations Director Dean Matthews expressed his satisfaction with the service given to this project by Prosaw as well as with the performance of the bandsaws, remarking that "These two saws have proved themselves to be very reliable in what has been intensive service and have established their capability in efficiently and accurately handling a very challenging material."

Mr. Matthews pointed out that "Both of the Mega saws are demonstrably reliable in service, which of course reduces the frequency of any servicing that might be required, which in turn reduces both down time and servicing costs."