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Customer: ATD Fabrications

ATD Fabrications have been producing fabricated steel buildings for 27 years from their factory in Barnsley. Over the years they have fabricated and erected steel structures for many companies, and have particular expertise in supplying the chemical industry.

Bomar SL 450 DGS Structural Bandsaw

They required a new saw to increase tonnage throughput and to cut larger sections than their existing saw could handle. Tom Deighton, proprietor, looked at all potential sources of supply; new and used, circulars and bandsaws, from various suppliers. He decided on a new bandsaw, "I like bandsaws, the technology is now established and blades are getting better all the time".

His search of the market, included machines from Germany, Japan and Asia before deciding on a Bomar from the sawing specialists Prosaw. "It helped that Prosaw could bring the machine to our factory for testing, we soon established its suitability for us." Their tests showed that the Bomar saw cut 5 times faster than their existing machine. The new saw, model SL450DGS, was soon installed at the Barnsley factory.

The Bomar SL range are twin column, structural bandsaws with mitre facility. The 450DGS model has a capacity of 820 x 450. The easy mitering quickly established the improved productivity of the saw for ATD. "A big advantage is to swing the saw 60 degrees, both ways, for mitre cutting."

"This has saved us a massive amount of time. The mitre is accurate, we are often asked for angles to .1 of a degree, which we can do on the Bomar".

As their only saw, it has to be flexible and handle a wide range of material. As well as cutting large, heavy H beams, the saw can accommodate small tubes. Standard equipment includes a top clamp which ATD use to cut bundles of these tubes "We have had 16 tubes at a time - the clamping is very good." Steel staircases are often specified in chemical plants, and the Bomar saw enables easy production.

Bomar SL 450 DGS Twin Column Bandsaw

"We can put two opposing pieces in at the same time, so with the two-way mitre, we know the angles will be accurate when we come to assembly". They also cut cleats, brackets and haunches on the saw to be operator friendly. "Many different operators can use the saw without heavy training, and they cannot break it". Another feature particularly liked by Tom Deighton is the laser cut line, which clearly shows the actual sawing line, so material can be positioned quickly and accurately.

Installed 2 years ago, the saw has proved to be a "good buy", Tom Deighton reports. "I’ve put a lot of steel through that saw. It is easy to maintain and Prosaw’s support has been very good".