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Customer: Malvern Tubular Components Ltd

Tube forming company enjoys significant productivity gains with new Prosaw system

Bomar Individual bandsaw, model 520.360 DGA NC bandsaw sawing tubes in mild steel or even 316 stainless steel

Malvern Tubular Components Ltd have over sixty years experience in supplying tubular products into many diverse markets, in particular the diesel engine, generator and radiator manufacturing sectors. Formed in 1942 the company is today a key subsidiary of Tricorn Group plc, a Group that specialises in tube manipulation.

One market sector served by the company is the power generation industry, a market sector that has very precise requirements, so when it became clear that the company's existing large diameter tube sawing facility was not suited to meet the stringent tolerances required by this industry it was only natural that they should contact Prosaw to advise on a more applicable system.

Following investigation, Prosaw were confident that they would be able to hold the close tolerances required when sawing the 5 inch and 10 inch diameter tubes with a system that would also enjoy the additional benefit of increased productivity.

Bomar Individual bandsaw, model 520.360 DGA NC bandsaw cutting a 10 inch diameter tube

A Bomar Individual bandsaw, model 520.360 DGA NC was selected for this purpose, being a machine capable of precisely sawing up to 10 inch diameter tubes in mild steel or even 316 stainless steel.

Following a successful demonstration of its capabilities, the Bomar bandsaw was installed at MTC's Malvern factory, where the results have been little short of spectacular, showing a marked improvement on the results of the previous tube sawing facility.

Manufacturing Engineer Jerry Moule, has been delighted with its performance, commenting "The Bomar machine is not only more accurate, but the cycle time is also considerably quicker than the system it replaced, due primarily to its capacity to accommodate tubes of longer lengths as well as its ability to cut tubes at a faster rate. These two factors are largely responsible for the substantial production cost savings we have enjoyed since this machine was installed."

"However, in addition, blade life has also been greatly increased and is now at least ten times longer than that of our previous machine, meaning that in combination, these factors have been responsible for a very welcome 55% improvement in The Bomar bandsaw in action overall productivity."

The Bomar bandsaw in action