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Danobat Cuts Production Costs at KKS Stainless

Customer: KKS Stainless

The high production and quiet operation of the first Danobat saw installed at Hoddeston based KKS Stainless Steel in 2000 has influenced them to purchase eight further Danobat saws.

NeoNickel sawing growth with Danobat Bandsaws

The Metals (UK) Ltd group of companies are a leading supplier of stainless and duplex steels to the oil and gas, aerospace and nuclear industries. Their factories at Blackburn and KKS based at Hoddesdon offer a fast and efficient supply of cut blanks to customers throughout the UK.

Works Manager Mark Davis is particularly impressed by the high production and exceptional blade life of their Danobat saws cutting stainless steel. The machines automatically monitor the life of each blade which is typically between 150 - 200,000 cm² on stainless steel (the best achieved so far is 268,000 cm²).

Mr Davis says "In order to meet the demands of the market, KKS need to achieve high accuracy together with a high quality finish. Danobat saws at KKS have always met our exacting requirements."

The most recent saws purchased include Danobat's latest Paso Paso control system. By simply selecting the material grade from a chart on the machine, the saw will automatically set its own parameters in terms of cutting rates and blade speed and will continually adjust these parameters depending on the cross section of the material and the blade condition.

A unique feature is automatic "running in" of a new blade whether it be bi-metal or carbide. This even allows the operator to input a specific manufacturer's blade to ensure the correct running in procedure is being followed.

The Paso Paso controls include intelligent blade deflection monitoring as standard which automatically reduces the blade speed and downfeed rate as the blade becomes worn in order to maintain a square cut.

Mark Davis is delighted with the back up provided by Prosaw with easy availability of spare parts and service. "The Danobat saws are easy to maintain with a built in self diagnostic system plus an effective technical help line at Prosaw."

KKS General Manager David Smith stressed the importance of cutting their hard materials quickly and accurately. "Our Danobat saws have proved to be ideal for this duty and this contributed to our decision to purchase further saws for our Hoddesdon and Blackburn factories."