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Danobat Plate Saw boost productivity at RTI International Metals Inc

Customer: RTI International Metals Inc

The acquisition of an automatic Danobat Vertical Plate Saw from Prosaw Limited boosts productivity and reduces metal cutting running costs at RTI International Metals Inc

With a customer base that includes Airbus, BAE Systems, Boeing, Bombardier, Lockheed Martin, and Sikorsky, it is unsurprising that RTI International Metals Ltd is the leading supplier of specialty metals to the aerospace industry.

Part of a worldwide international group of companies, the UK company employs 50 employees with a multi million pound turnover.

At their UK facility near Tamworth in Staffordshire, the company has recently taken delivery of a Danobat Vertical Plate Saw, supplied by Kettering based Prosaw Limited, to process titanium plate for use in the aerospace industry .

Danobat Vertical Plate Saw

Specially designed to efficiently cut the more difficult materials such as titanium, the Danobat Vertical Plate Saw is equipped with an automatic gripper system to position the plate to be cut to the desired width, whilst the fully automated CNC control allows the operator to enter a batch to process an entire plate in an automatic cycle.

Commented Senior Manufacturing Engineer Amar Iqbal "We are very pleased with the performance of the Danobat system. It has significantly increased our capacity since we took delivery just over 6 months ago and it completely eliminated our backlog within the first 3 months of use, which has of course had a hugely beneficial impact on our delivery schedules."

Intelligent Cutting Software

As part of the decision process RTI investigated several bandsaw machine manufacturers from Europe but chose the Danobat machine from Prosaw as they were able to deliver a complete solution for the processing of RTI's products combined with a high level of technical expertise before, during and after the installation.

Mr Iqbal continued "Prior to taking delivery of the Danobat machine, we were reliant on a single non-automatic saw. Now, due to the completely automatic operation of the Danobat machine it is possible for us to run both saws with the same staffing level as before."

"Additionally, our original manual saw utilises a vapour blade lubricating system which can raise Health and Safety issues, in contrast to the Danobat machine which uses 'flood coolant system' which not only eliminates those issues, but adds significantly to the blade life, helping to reduce the cost of consumables by up to one third."