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Customer: Proseal

Tray sealing company turn to Prosaw once again for new stock plate cutting facility

Formed by directors Steve Malone and Robbie Hargreaves in 1998, Proseal has not only become the leading UK manufacturer of tray sealing machinery and tooling, but is now recognised as a major force internationally.

The company's extensive range of tray sealing systems incorporates portable, semi-automatic, automatic in-line, as well as sandwich packaging systems, all of which rely heavily on key tooling components that are manufactured from aluminium or acetal copolymers stock plates.

Unloading a stock plate after cutting on vertical bandsaw

The company is proud of its reputation for the outstanding quality, speed and reliability of its range of sealing equipment and demands the same high levels of quality from its suppliers, so it is of little surprise that Prosaw have recently commissioned their third sawing system within the last two years for cutting stock plates at Proseal's headquarters in Adlington in Cheshire.

Stock plates come in a variety of thicknesses, those from 7mm to 50mm are used for standard tools, plates up to 100mm in thickness are used for vacuum tools whilst when using acetal copolymer tools, plates up to 50mm thick are required.

Unlike previous sawing systems supplied to Proseal by Prosaw, the latest addition is the first vertical bandsaw that has been installed at the company's Adlington headquarters and was individually designed for Proseal to accommodate all possible thicknesses of their stock plate.

This latest sawing system has been specifically created with a Health and Safety perspective in mind. For example, an extra large bed is incorporated into the machine in order to assist the operator when loading bulky or heavy stock plates onto the machine. Additionally, the saw bed is fitted with surface mounted roller bearings to ensure smooth and easy manoeuvring of heavy plates once the plates have been loaded onto the bed.

Commented Manufacturing Manager Paul Wilson,"We are happy to have a very good ongoing relationship with Prosaw and have been perfectly satisfied with both the quality of the systems and the excellent after sales service that we have received from Prosaw."

The Bauer vertical bandsaw built for safely cutting plate stock at Proseal