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High Peak Steels Intelligent Sawing Control

Customer: High Peak Steels

High Peak Steels have sawing at the heart of their operations. When managing Director Mark Thornley decided to increase his cutting capacity, flexibility was a key factor in his demands for a new saw.

He visited Prosaw, the sawing specialists, to assess a new Danobat. Amongst his existing saws were two Danobats and he was delighted with them. "My investment cycle covers a ten year period; I know they will still be working well after this time."

The Bandsaw CuttingAt Kettering tests were conducted on the new Danobat CP520AF automatic. The feature that really made Mark concentrate on this model was the new 'Paso-Paso' intelligent cutting control system.

With intelligent cutting control there is minimal operator input, "the machine takes control, not the operator" reported Mark. In the performance trials at Prosaw, one cut on his material took 1.10 minutes, compared with 3.30 on his existing saw.

"Intelligent cutting will be the way forward" considers Mark Thornley. "The operator no longer has to worry about feeds and speeds!"

Prosaw's help and guidance was important to Mark, "It’s not just ordering the saw machine - it's the total package. They understood what we needed and took care of everything."

High Peak's stock of mild steel bars often have inclusions, which, hitherto has caused the traditional problems of blade failure. But the new saw takes care of this, "the blade gently works its way into the bar, then once in, really gets to work and seems to think its way through the cut."

Another positive result of the new 'Paso -Paso' control system is the improvement in blade life. Blade manufacturers insist a new blade should be run in. This is difficult to achieve in most environments, but now the saw ensures that it is carried out every time. The blade details are entered into the system (blade manufacturer, tooth pitch etc) and the saw controls respond to the various requirements of each blade manufacturer. Throughout the cut the controls ensure the optimum combination of production and blade life are achieved.

"It really works" reports Mark, "our results confirm the benefits of the new system, blade life has improved by 21%. We are now looking at carbides as our next step, as we know the Danobat is designed to accommodate the extra demands of carbide blades."

High Peak Steels and Mark Thornley are completely confident in the Danobat saw and especially the new 'Paso-Paso' controls. "With our Danobats we now have reliability and consistency in our sawing." The operators share this assurance, "If there is any job that could prove difficult, they put it on the Danobat, it can't go wrong."

The Danobat bandsaw at High Peak Steels