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High Speed Bandsaw Gives HDA a Bonus

Customer: HDA

Accurately prepared billets are fundamental to the production of high quality aerospace forgings at HDA Forgings in Redditch, and to meet that exacting need HDA has invested in a Danobat CP 420AN/HS twin column high-speed bandsaw.

The Danobat CP 420AN/HS bandsaw, supplied by sawing technology specialist Prosaw, is now totally engaged in producing billets, mainly in titanium.

Danobat Bandsaw

The Redditch company's decision to invest in advanced sawing technology followed on from the increasing demand for even higher precision titanium forgings which was causing problems for the existing sawing equipment.

Consequently, HDA specified that billets must be guaranteed to within 0.5mm in squareness and length. Following a trawl of the market place and subsequent testing of saws from some four manufacturers, only Prosaw was able to come up with a machine that totally met this specification. This was fully proven in trials carried out at Prosaw's test facility in Kettering.

A further consideration that influenced the order was performance, at the time we were being introduced to tungsten carbide tipped saw bands and found the Prosaw people to be highly knowledgeable on their application.

The Danobat bandsaw is now being operated on two shifts sawing round billets, mainly titanium, in sizes of 25- 120mm diameter and 25-200mm long. Standard bi-metal blades are used for bars up to 75mm and tungsten carbide above.

Bob Payne comments, "The Danobat machine has the torque and speed - up to 150m/minute - to exploit tungsten carbide. Not only that, it has the robustness that allows us to run bi-metal bands one and a half times faster than our existing saws but now the quality of billet is so superior that the cell is demanding that its billets are only prepared on the Danobat. Nothing else is good enough".

"We are very happy with the Danobat and the service from Prosaw. The machine has more than lived up to our expectations on accuracy. But, what we did not anticipate was the increased speed of cutting, which is a real bonus. We are now able to cut 90 pieces of 20mm diameter titanium bar in a shift compared to just 20 lengths before."