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Customer: Multi Metals

Productivity at Multi Metals has recently been boosted by investment in a Danobat high speed horizontal bandsaw and Tyro plate saw, both supplied by sawing technology specialists, Prosaw. "In just one day we cut 8 tonnes of aluminium plate, a task that would have taken us over a week previously on older machines". Says Managing Director, Andrew Murray.

Danobat Bandsaws

The stockholder market is changing with most OEMs no longer holding stocks, but relying on their stockholders to supply ready prepared material, virtually on demand.

"Last year we had to increase our sawing capacity, I was in the market for two conventional 400mm diameter bandsaws. But Prosaw persuaded me to purchase a single Danobat machine. I am delighted they did because it is a wonderful machine and much liked by my operators. It is fully CNC, easy to set up, and it really increased our cutting rates and boosted throughput". The Danobat CP 520A supplied to Multi Metals is fitted with a high-speed drive for cutting aluminium.

Danobat machines have revolutionised the design of horizontal bandsaws with a vertically mounted bow supported on twin polymer concrete pillars, guided by precision linear bearings. This design gives unrivalled rigid construction that ensures the blade is fed smoothly without any of the stick-slip motion of the conventional round column machines.

As Multi Metals have found, this arrangement gives long term reliable performance, superior blade life and more accuracy. Mr Murray interjects, "We are getting better than ±0.2mm out of the Danobat".

The need for increased accuracy was also a key reason for purchasing the Tyro plate saw. "Our customers are continuing to demand ever more tighter tolerances for aluminium plate components. The Tyro has the capability to cut plate to ±0.25mm on lengths up to 3m, which is more than satisfactory for all our customers".

The Tyro 3.15 has the capacity to cut 150mm thick plate up to 3m in length. Accuracy comes from the large cross section prismatic rails that carry the blade carriage, its rack and pinion drive and the full-length pressure beams that clamp the full length of plate on either side of the blade. At the finish of the cut the blade drops below the bed for the return stroke, which eliminates any back scoring of the cut surfaces.

Multi Metals has dealt with Prosaw for virtually all its 20-year existence. Mr Murray comments, "During this time I have found Prosaw to be a very efficient company and in particular the service people have been excellent. If ever we have a problem, they have fixed it very quickly. The total presentation of the Prosaw operation is so professional, from commissioning, through training to backup".