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Customer: The John Lawrie Group

New Prosaw state of the art saw-line facility cuts overheads as well as piling pipes

Located in Montrose, the John Lawrie Group have been supplying high-quality pipe and casing to the UK and European piling and micropiling markets for several decades, making it one of the industry's largest suppliers.

Piling projects extend from house foundations to marine developments as well as many other civil engineering projects and the group supplies almost all of the major contractors in the industry, providing casing ranging from 48mm (2 3/8") diameter to 1200mm (48"). Casings used for these purposes are mostly ex-oilfield tubes that are perfect for recycling in this way.

Recently, the company has invested in a state of the art saw-line facility from Prosaw, capable of cutting casings to size, of up to 14 inches in diameter and 12 metres in length. The new facility includes two new saws and a completely automated production line.

John Lawrie Group Tubular Division Director Iain Laing

Iain Laing, director of John Lawrie Tubulars, who has been closely involved with the design process of the new saw line, said: "The John Lawrie Group are unique in the way they operate and we wanted a system which reflected that. I gave a list of requirements for the new facility to the manufacturers and we worked together over a period of months to produce a bespoke system which satisfies all of our exact needs."

John Lawrie Group Tubular Division Director Iain Laing

The new facility replaces a three line/three saws system that required manual handling by three operators, whereas the new Prosaw two saws system requires no manual handling at all, which is important from the Health and Saftey perspective. It is also able to function efficiently with both saws being controlled by a single operator.

Commented Mr. Laing,"we chose to work with Prosaw on this project even though they were not the least expensive bidder, because we were impressed by both their positivity and their innovative ideas on how to improve on our previous system in terms of efficiency, safety and quality," adding, "John Lawrie Tubulars are one of the leading suppliers to the piling industry. We are proud to be investing in new equipment and systems which fully comply with our tight health and safety requirements and also provide a more efficient service to our customers."