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Mega Bandsaw Increases Wyman-Gordons Production

Customer: Wyman Gordon

The Wyman Gordon factory at Lincoln produce forgings for aircraft engine manufacturers. They required a further twin column automatic bandsaw to complement their existing West European machines to cut titanium and nickel based alloys, including Waspalloy.

Mega H600A heavy duty twin column automatic bandsaw

Wyman-Gordon therefore contacted the Kettering based sawing specialist Prosaw for help and advice.

Part of their brief was to use carbide blades exclusively in order to optimize the speed of cut and hence cost per cut.

Prosaw therefore offered their Mega H600A heavy duty twin column automatic bandsaw to satisfy these requirements.

Weighing in at 6,000kilos and with a capacity of 700 x 600 mm, this machine costs under £40,000. In order to work with carbide blades and enhance blade life, automatic stock retraction can be included on this machine.

Once the cut is complete and before the blade is raised prior to the next cut, the stock material is retracted to avoid damage to the blade.

Needed to use carbide blades exclusively to optimise cutting speed.

By sawing both titanium and nickel based materials, the Mega H600A at Wyman-Gordon exceeded their expectations in terms of cutting speed and accuracy.

The Wyman-Gordon Die shop team leader says that "Prosaw listened to the problems that we had and gave us a solution that we are happy with. Their service to us has been excellent and their product has really met our requirements well".