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Nuclear options

Customer: Nuclear AMRC

Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre chooses Prosaw accuracy

The Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (Nuclear AMRC) is a collaboration of academic and industrial partners from across the civil nuclear manufacturing supply chain, with the mission of helping UK manufacturers win work at home and worldwide.

The Nuclear AMRC brings together the experience and resources of industry leaders with the expertise and innovation of leading universities. It is owned by the University of Sheffield and is part of its world-leading advanced manufacturing innovation cluster alongside the AMRC with Boeing, Castings Technology International and AMRC Training Centre, all of which are based at the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

A typical 'one-off' sample sawing application

All requirements for sawing at the facility were originally undertaken by subcontractors, but this route was eventually considered to be too time consuming as well as being an expensive option. It was therefore decided that the most effective solution to all the possible requirements for sawing would be to acquire an in-house sawing facility.

Although usage would be almost exclusively focused towards research, testing, maintenance or producing samples, often in small batches, it was recognised that any new sawing facility would need to be capable of processing what are termed "exotic" materials and to a high degree of accuracy.

After assessing a variety of different sawing systems from five independent suppliers, Prosaw were identified as the company most capable of delivering a cost effective and optimum system suitable for the needs of all possible applications.

The Prosaw WH-6056HA Twin Column bandsaw in situ at Nuclear AMRC's facility in South Yorkshire

A WH-6056HA twin column bandsaw was selected as the most advantageous solution and was duly installed by Prosaw engineers.

Commented Maintenance Manager Craig Hamp, "Most of the usage of the saw is intermittent as it is normally used for either cutting small batches or one-offs, so hereas volumetric throughput is not normally a prerequisite, accuracy undoubtedly is", adding, "this machine certainly fulfils that requirement, regardless of whether it is used for sawing components for maintenance purposes, testing, research, or producing samples."