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Pipe Dreams

Customer: Tata Steel

Prosaw slashes the cost of cutting large diameter steel tubes

The Danobat Bandsaw control desk.

Tata Steel are one of the world's most geographically diversified steel producers, with operations in 26 countries and commercial offices in 35 countries. The company serves many demanding markets worldwide, including Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, Defence, Energy, Rail and Shipbuilding.

Tata's UK tube manufacturing business is located on the North East coast of England in Hartlepool. The company is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of hot finished, cold formed welded steel tubular products including large diameter pipes, many of which have been used in applications as diverse as the construction of the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and the restoration of St. Pancras Station in London.

In Hartlepool, tubes of between 219mm diameter and 508mm diameter are produced and finally cut to length, a process that had previously been accomplished by means of a circular sawing facility.

Tata Steel acquisition and commissioning of the Danobat bandsaw

However, with single cuts taking up to 25 minutes to complete, coupled with a relatively short blade life, there was always a danger of creating a serious production bottleneck. Additionally, the frequent overhauls that were needed to the circular saw blades were not only expensive, but also time consuming to carry out.

The Danobat sawing facility at Tata's Pipe Mill

The acquisition of a Danobat iDS5 bandsaw from Prosaw has now transformed this process, bringing with it a regime of fast cutting and ultra long blade life. Besides which, bandsaw blades are comparatively inexpensive, so are able to be discarded economically at the end of their life with no requirement for overhaul.

Tata Plant Engineer John Hall, who was responsible for the acquisition and commissioning of the Danobat bandsaw had this to say about his experience: "Prosaw were prepared to engage with Tata's requirements in a way that other suppliers were reluctant to. For example, they were happy to adapt our diablo roller clamping devices to the centreline of the conveyor, whilst simultaneously delivering an on-time system, including commissioning and training at a competitive price," adding, "Working with Prosaw was a very positive experience."