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Problem Solved For Cogne UK

Customer: Cogne UK

Cogne UK was established in the great steel city of Sheffield in 1997 by Italian parent company Cogne Acciai Speciali, one of the leading producers of stainless steel long products in Europe and indeed, the world.

A small area of Cogne UK' s 
stainless steel stockholding

The UK Company is now a market leader in the stockholding and processing of stainless steel, tool steel and construction products, with over 4,000 tonnes of steel held in stock.

The Mega CS150S circular saw mid-cut on 131mm diameter Stainless Steel

When Cogne were contracted to supply stainless steel components that required completion in a time of less than 4 hours - compared to the more usual 60 hours, they turned to Prosaw to find a solution to a problem that even the most recently developed high speed production bandsaw was unable to fulfill.

The solution lay in the use of circular sawing technology, but whilst highspeed cutting with carbide circular saws has been available for some time, they have generally been limited by cost to processing carbon steel rather than stainless steel. Additionally, in order for the project to be financially viable, Cogne needed to process at least 500 components with each saw blade.

However, Prosaw, using the latest in circular blade technology, engaged in a lengthy testing programme using a Mega CS150S saw, that finally resulted in each blade producing over 700 components with the remarkably short cut time on 131mm diameter stainless steel of just 28 seconds. Equally impressive was the performance on 76mm diameter stainless steel, resulting in 2,700 cuts with a single blade, reducing the total job time from 70 hours to just 6.5 hours.

Mega CS150S saw

Commented Cogne UK, Group Operations Manager, Tony Evans: "The philosophy at Cogne is to provide our customers with the best product and the quickest delivery possible and while we have made significant investment in time working with Prosaw and a significant capital investment in the purchase of new machines, it allows us to continue to offer our customers the very best of service."