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Prosaw Bring Productitivity to Scorpion Exhausts

Customer: Scorpion Exhausts

A Prosaw OMP 370CS automatic tube saw fitted with an integral magazine loader is bringing significant productivity and quality benefits to Scorpion Exhausts, a leader in design and manufacture of stainless steel performance exhausts.

The complete OMP 370CS automatic tube saw system was supplied and engineered by Prosaw, a leader in its field of sawing technology.

Stainless steel tube ranging from 25 to 75 mm diameter, is now prepared in a fraction of the time required by existing saws. Through the measuring system, designed by Prosaw to Scorpion's exact requirement, accuracy is also much improved with consistent length settings of +/- 0.25mm and better.

Founded in 1992, Scorpion Exhausts have grown in both size and reputation to become a market leader with exports to all corners of the globe. Their exhausts are to be found in some of the world's foremost performance cars, such as Rolls Royce, MG Rover and TVR.

The OMP tube saw

"We needed to increase capacity by speeding up tube cutting to keep up with our bending machines", says Mr Turton. "We examined the saws available and our choice of Prosaw was based on the best engineering. Prosaw was able to supply a machine with just the specification we needed and particularly the measuring that enables us to rapidly set-up the tube length".

One of the problems faced by Scorpion is the constantly changing batch sizes, from one and two offs to 100s, the average being in the 40-60 bracket. So, while a prime requirement was productivity, the nature of the business also calls for agility. It is a matter of seconds to adjust the length stop position. The saw then continues cutting automatically.

The OMP Saw in action

Mainly the cuts are straight but the machine is equally capable of mitring when needed. Similarly, the inclined feed magazine, which has a capacity of 35 tubes up to 6.1m in length, is easily and quickly set up. To change over from one tube diameter to another is readily accomplished within minutes. This is an important benefit to Scorpion as there are regularly several changes of bar size during a shift.

Supervision of the saw including all the set-ups for length and tube size is the responsibility of a single operator. Further, the system frees up the operator allowing time to debur the cut pieces. This provides Scorpion with a further saving of an extra man.

In conclusion, Mr Turton admits that when the saw was installed he fully expected soon to be ordering a second machine from Prosaw. So much has the saw out-performed expectation, that a second saw is no longer required in the immediate future!