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Prosaw Doubles Production at Northern Hydraulics

Customer: Northern Hydraulics

Prosaw's automatic bandsaw is bringing significant production and quality benefits to Northern Hydraulics, the largest manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders in Northern Ireland.

Founded in 1989 by Managing Director Seamus Morris, Northern Hydraulics have recently moved into a purpose built 40,000 square feet factory in order to cater for increased production requirements. Hydraulic cylinders are exported to most countries throughout the world.

Prosaw, the sawing specialists, installed their Danobat CPS440A at the Coalisland factory earlier this year. The saw is an advanced automatic, twin colum bandsaw with NC controls. Initial proving trials were carried out at Prosaw's test house, part of their large sawing facility in Kettering.

Northern Hydraulics needed assurance that their chrome bar, protected by cardboard sleeves, could be handled and sawn accurately without sustaining damage to the chrome finish. They were also concerned at the problems the cardboard sleeve would present during the feeding operation. Prosaw's trials established a practical method to solve this difficult problem.

Hydraulic cylinder tube and chrome plated rod is now cut in large bundles. The machine has large capacity bundling clamps that securely hold the bundle of material. Hydraulic top clamps, together with the standard side clamps ensure the bundle is clamped on all four sides. The main hazard of bundle operations is "spinning bars" but the Danobat clamps eliminate the risks.

"We needed to increase capacity and looked at all the saws currently available. The choice of the Danobat was based on the best engineering," said Mr Morris.

Once the new Prosaw system was installed, the improvements in bundle cutting and the superior cutting performance of the Danobat saw resulted in production times reduced by more than 50%.

One of the problems faced by Northern Hydraulics was the constantly changing batch size. The NC control system on the Danobat allows for very quick material changeover and set up with the ability to cut different lengths and quantities from the same bar thus ultimising stock usage.

The chrome-plated bar has either a plastic or a cardboard sleeve and the coolant previously used was softening the cardboard and affecting feed accuracy. A pulse lubrication system is fitted on the Danobat which gives a practically dry cut and very high accuracy.

Another difficulty often encountered by saw users is swarf removal. Sawing machines can accumulate large amounts of swarf that often entails shutting down the saw for cleaning. The vertical design of the Danobat saw together with the unique swarf extraction system on the CPS440 eliminates this problem.

In conclusion, Mr Morris is delighted with his robust, operator-friendly machine, which has delivered such a substantial increase in output.