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Sawing growth at NeoNickel

Customer: NeoNickel

Exotic alloy stockholder enjoys an impressive period of growth following aquisition of bandsaws

Bandsaw Cutting at NeoNickel

Since taking delivery of three Danobat bandsaws from Prosaw, nickel and titanium alloy stockholder NeoNickel Kingswinford have enjoyed a dramatic period of growth, amounting to an increase in productivity of over 100%. NeoNickel is one of Europe's leading suppliers of high performance alloys, serving customers throughout the world and providing a single source for corrosion and heat resisting alloys and aerospace quality metals.

The Company aims to provide a complete processing service to their customers, which begins with analytically testing every piece of alloy before processing and ends with the piece being cut to size, which is where Prosaw have been able to assist.

Having already installed a Danobat CP520AF in 2007, as part of a continuous improvement philosophy, NeoNickel Kingswinford subsequently ordered a Danobat CP420AN in 2011 followed by a further CP420AN machine in 2012.

These Danobat machines have been designed to obtain the best performance, both in terms of productivity and blade-life, whilst every sub-function has been carefully analysed and solved by applying the most advanced technology.

NeoNickel sawing growth with Danobat Bandsaws

Standardisation of the bandsaw controllers however, has been an essential contributory factor to the continued growth of the company.

Explained General Manager Peter Moriarty: "All three of the saws are operated by Danobat' s excellent Paso Paso controller, meaning every one of the operators is capable of operating any one of the three machines. The implementation of the single common controller has allowed us greater flexibility in our working practices which in turn has led to great increases in efficiency." Adding: "We also have a great deal of confidence in the reliability and consistency of the Danobat machines, whilst the service we have received from Prosaw both before and after delivery has been outstanding."

In fact, such is the level of confidence that the Company has in the Danobat machines, that they are considering "lights-out" processing during night time hours, resulting in increased availability of capacity, whilst maintaining their reputation for consistently achieving the same, or next day turnaround of orders.

Meanwhile, no matter how complex or simple the need, NeoNickel continues to be committed to providing a total quality service. With sales to over 40 countries, the Company is a truly international supplier able to understand and serve the needs of its customers the world over.