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Speeding up the laundry

Customer: Kannegiesser

New Bomar bandsaw with an automatic feed system increases throughput for laundry manufacturer Kannegieser

Founded in 1948 by Herbert Kannegiesser, the company started life producing ironing machines for the garment industry. Production originally commenced in a wooden shed near Vlotho in Germany, with just four employees, where their ironing presses, made specifically for use with dress shirts, quickly became their speciality and helped to establish an international reputation for the young company.

Cutting the monorail track sections

More than six decades later, Kannegiesser now offers a full range of industrial laundry equipment including washer extractors, continuous tunnel washer systems, moisture extraction presses, dryers, feeders, ironers and folders, garment sorting and tunnel finishing systems. In their Banbury plant, the company specialise in producing what is known as the "Supertrack Monorail System" which has been designed to transport soiled laundry through all of the necessary laundry processes, working in harmony with the entire range of Kannegiesser laundry equipment.

The monorail tracks, which are constructed from stainless steel were previously cut to the required lengths by means of a hydraulic saw that relied on a simple manual feed system, so in order to simplify the production process as well as increase efficiency and throughput, Kannegiesser turned to sawing specialist Prosaw for the complete sawing and material handling solution.

Part of the Prosaw automatic handling system designed to load the bandsaw with monorail track

Prosaw's answer was to propose the use of a Bomar ergonomic model 290.250 DGA bandsaw. This advanced system features automatic programming in order to eliminate the possibility of manual errors, whilst simultaneously simplifying the process and increasing efficiency.

Importantly, Prosaw also designed and produced a purpose-built mechanical handling system in order to automatically introduce the lengths of track stock into the bandsaw, thus greatly simplifying the crucial in-feed part of the process.

The resulting automatic sawing system has proved to be a major benefit by simplifying an important element of Kannegiesser's Monorail manufacturing process.