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Value for money bandsaws for Special Quality Alloys

Customer: Special Quality Alloys

Market leader in superalloy supplies, Special Quality Alloys declare Prosaw Danobat bandsaw... "real value for money"

When Sheffield based Special Quality Alloys chose to bring the sawing of large diameter nickelbased superalloys in-house, they naturally turned to Prosaw for advice on processing these extremely tough materials.

The decision to discontinue the use of sub-contractors for this purpose was made all the easier since Prosaw had already provided three Danobat bandsaws to Special Quality Alloys. The first of these machines was installed twelve years ago and although all three have been used for sawing slightly smaller diameter billets they have performed remarkably reliably.

Sawing in action

The fact that these machines have functioned so consistently over such a long period of time has inevitably resulted in the operators becoming comfortable with the Danobat saws. In addition, the operators did not require any further training as they were of course familiar with the Danobat control systems.

This time however, billets of up to 800mm diameter were required to be cut in an automated continuous process, so a Danobat CP800A Auto bandsaw was specified and duly purchased by the company. Jonathan Gillet, Works Manager of Special Quality Alloys explained the thinking behind the decision: "Bringing the processing of the larger diameter billets in-house has meant a good deal less handling for us, resulting in faster turnaround times, since we are no longer reliant on transport contractors."

"This has benefited the company in the form of lower costs and has brought the whole process entirely under our own control. Even though these products are notoriously difficult to cut, we have complete confidence that when we put a large diameter billet onto the Danobat machine it's going to be cut."

Finally adding: "From our recent experiences we believe that Danobat machines represent real value for money."

The Danobat CP800A Auto-bandsaw