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Varatio Ltd are gearing up for success

Customer: Varatio Ltd

Long established gear manufacturer continues to expand with the aquisition of a new Prosaw bandsaw.


In business since the 1920's, gear manufacturer Varatio Ltd., based in Slough since the 1950's, continues to expand to cope with the increased demand for their high quality products.

With around 50 employees, the company produces an average of 50,000 gears every month, up to 90% of which are exported. The company has recently purchased a second LX 460AE bandsaw from Prosaw in order to help manage demand, having originally purchased its first machine two years ago.

The company is capable of producing gears of up to 47 mm in width, although the majority of its production is for 12 mm wide gears.

After the billets have been sawn by the bandsaws, they are turned on CNC machines, hobbed, shaved and finally heat treated in a specialised heat treatment plant to form the finished gear, many of which are used in high quality diesel engines and industrial gearboxes, some of which are used by companies such as Rolls Royce.

Feeding the bandsaw with stock material

The latest bandsaws acquired from Prosaw replace older models that had become outdated and lacked some of the technical innovations that can be found on these modern saws.

Explained Production Director Colin Brown "The reliability of these machines is a really important requirement for us, since we operate on a two shift basis and produce such large volumes of gears that any small interruption to production can therefore have a highly detrimental effect on our business. We are therefore delighted with the performance of our new saws. They have proved to be exceptionally reliable."

He added "The new saws also have a number of innovative features that were missing from our previous saws. We now have machines that have a larger capacity than previously, making them much more versatile, whilst the capability to automatically dial in feeds and speeds is a huge saving on set up time."

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The Waytrain LX460AE bandsaw sawing the billets