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Prosaw supports the work of Rusty Road 2 Recovery

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Prosaw supports the work of Rusty Road 2 Recovery

On the 30th August, Prosaw received an email from Rusty Road 2 Recovery, a not for profit community interest company in Bridgwater, Somerset. They requested assistance with obtaining a much needed bandsaw and whether Prosaw would be generous enough to donate to them the equipment. Prosaw’s directors wanted to learn more.

About Rusty Road 2 Recovery

Rusty Road 2 Recovery

Rusty Road 2 Recovery are a social enterprise and non profit organisation that provide recovery based services for people of all ages and sexes who suffer from mental health problems. Their purpose is to have a positive impact on the lives of in the region of 75 people a week including older people who suffer from isolation and loneliness and younger people who have been rejected, require guidance and opportunities to gain qualifications which have not been possible for them to gain through the normal educational services.

Why a donation of a bandsaw?

Participants work together as groups to take a classic vehicle including iconic British classics from motorcycles, tractors and cars that are often viewed by many as scrap or beyond repair to restore to their former glory. This encourages individuals to take pride in themselves and their achievements while seeing there is always hope. A bandsaw is vital piece of machinery for such a workshop.

Prosaw’s generous donation

How did Prosaw respond to this request? Managing director Phil Crick explains “The idea just struck a chord with us and today we delivered a Waytrain manual bandsaw, at no cost to them to help them with their mission.”

Rusty Road 2 Recovery receiving the Waytrain Bandsaw

Prosaw wish Rusty Road 2 Recovery every success in their valuable work with the community.
For more information about Rusty Road 2 Recovery please visit: 

The Waytrain Bandsaw inside the workshop