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Proven Abrasive Sludge Removal System

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Proven Abrasive Sludge Removal System

Prosaw has launched the TCI range of water jet cutting machines in the UK which have an effective, proven abrasive sludge removal system.

TCI waterjet cutting machines with sludge removal system

The abrasive sludge is pumped into an easy disposable, 1000 kg capacity bag without the need for mechanical moving parts in the tank. Water is separated out and returned to the tank.

The modular construction BP range solves the problem of 'what size of machine should I purchase?' The water tank can be extended in 2 metre increments and extra cutting heads added at a later date without any special modification.

Heavy duty construction with stainless steel tanks and precision rack and pinion drives, provides faster production rates and increased reliability.

TCI's water jet cutting machines incorporate pumps and cutting heads from KMT, the leading global manufacturer. The pumps are slower cycling and need less maintenance.

TCI water jet cutting machines are manufactured in Valencia, Spain, with an annual production of approximately 50 machines. Their abrasive sludge removal system has been designed and developed over many years and is claimed to be the most effective available.