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Lights Off Cutting

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Lights Off Cutting


One of the biggest overheads for many customers is labour costs and bandsawing is no different.

Material has to be loaded onto the bandsaw and if only a certain number of components are required, the stock material has to be removed from the saw before the next job can be loaded.

With the automated sawing centre from Prosaw, a full range of different size materials and different types of materials can be loaded onto the infeed magazine.The first stock length will be automatically loaded onto the infeed conveyor and the bandsaw will commence its pre-programmed sequence.

The bandsaw machine will then either completely process this stock bar or will cut a programmed number of pieces and then return the uncut stock material to a ‘return to stock’ stillage on the opposite side of the infeed conveyor. The magazine will then automatically load the next stock length into the bandsaw machine for the next programme to commence.

The sawing machine will automatically adjust itself for different sizes of material and automatically adjust its speeds and feeds for different types of material. Simply loading the infeed magazine at the start of a shift or before going home, gives you unmanned production or genuine “lights off” sawing.