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Introducing the Geka Bendicrop 85SD Ironworker.

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Introducing the Geka Bendicrop 85SD Ironworker.

Prosaw would like to introduce to you Geka's Latest machine,
the Bendicrop 85SD.

Metal fabricators and construction companies often have to perform simple bending operations. So with that in mind GEKA have developed the BENDICROP 85 SD model.

This dual cylinder machine features 5 work stations.In addition to the cutting, punching and notching stations it has a permanent bending station with a capacity of up to 200mm x 15mm.

It is also fitted with a system to reduce deformation when shearing flat bars.
This machine benefits from having a deep throat capacity of 500mm.

 GEKA Steelworker punching machine and bending station - Geka Bendicrop 85 SD

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Geka Bendicrop 85SD dual cylinder cutting, punching and notching machine.

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