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Fifty years of Experience

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Fifty years of Experience

When Prosaw started in 1963 there were basically three methods of cutting metal. Hacksaws, Circular Saws and Friction Saws, all of which were slow and noisy.

How times have changed with modern state of the art bandsaws having computerised control systems that can virtually eliminate the operator input from the sawing process by automatically setting their own band speed and down-feed, depending on the type and size of the material.

Prosaw have established themselves as a leading supplier of all types of Saws to the UK market. However, we have also had success in exporting saws around the world to such diverse locations as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and even China.

Prosaw are particularly proud of our design and manufacturing division which can supply everything from simple roller conveyors to sophisticated and bespoke automated handling systems with the same proud claim in 2013 that we first made in 1963 - MADE IN BRITAIN!