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"Things keep on getting better!"

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"Things keep on getting better!"

Things keep on getting better for Mark Davis, Operations Manager at KKS Stainless Steel.

Mark Davis, Operations Manager at KKS Stainless Steel, was so impressed again he wrote this email to Prosaw Limited:-


I was cutting some bar, on a Danobat CP520, when bang! the bandsaw blade snapped. I was standing at the machine when it happened so, after my heart slowed down a bit, I got on with changing the bandsaw blade.

All was good and went to record details of the previous bandsaw blade.

Here came the surprise.

  • 266 hrs cutting !!!
  • 601 cuts !!!!!!!
  • 316,862 sq/cm’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Andy (KR Saws) this was one of your Roentgen blades.

This was on No 4 our second oldest machine (and fastest).

This is the second highest recording for a Danobat CP520.

The highest was 358,000 on No 3 our oldest Danobat CP520 back in July 2008.

Best regards,

Mark Davis

Operations/Quality Manager
KKS Stainless Steel

This is one of many comments we get every week here at Prosaw, Our aim is to help optimise your cutting process thus saving you money and increasing productivity.

Buying the saw is only part of the process. Having your staff trained, maintaining the correct service schedule and using official replacement parts will make sure you get the very best out of your equipment.