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"Sat-Nav" for Bandsaws

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"Sat-Nav" for Bandsaws

Whilst bandsaws and bandsaw blade technology have made huge advancements over recent years, the single major factor that can influence efficient cutting is the operator's "experience". It is this "experience" that decides what speed the blade runs at as well as the downfeed rate of the machine, all of which means that it is the saw operator and not the management that controls production as well as the overheads such as the life and cost of blades.

Danobat band saws

However, Danobat have recognised this weakness and have introduced their new iCS control system that allows companies to achieve maximum production rates along with optimum blade life with minimal operator input. By simply selecting the material grade from the machine's library, the machine will automatically set the correct cutting rates and blade speeds and will continuously readjust these parameters depending on the cross section of the material and the blade condition.

Additionally, the system automatically "runs-in" a new blade, whether it be bimetal or carbide and is an area that tends to be neglected and can result in premature blade failure. The Danobat system not only eliminates guesswork, but even allows the operator to input the specific blade manufacturer in order to ensure that the correct running-in procedure is followed.

The end result ensures the maximum in efficient production with optimum blade life.

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