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Danobat bandsaws set new records for high output and low cost

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Danobat bandsaws set new records for high output and low cost

To achieve blade life of around 7 to 8 square metres when cutting stainless steel is normally achievable on most quality bandsaw machines, but to hear that one Prosaw customer who uses over 20 of the high performance Danobat bandsaw machines recently achieved 24 square metres of blade life after cutting a range of stainless and nickel alloys, and on average achieves 12 to 13 square metres, goes to show that the Danobat machine really does return fantastic value for money!

Previous records from customers with Danobat machines also cutting stainless steel back this data up as they have recorded blade life of over 30 square metres.

With the current market seeing the introduction of 'cheaper' machines from well-established manufacturers, the true test of any machine is how well it performs and more importantly the true running costs taking into account consumable costs and the return on investment.

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