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The Danobat Machinery Range

Danobat are part of the Danobat Group formed over 60 years ago in Spain to develop world class machine tools and production systems to customers demanding the highest technology.

Their range includes horizontal and vertical sawing machines along with cutting and drilling lines.

Danobat band saws provide solutions for both solid bars, tubes and pipes with the highest accuracy.

Band saws up to 1300mm, band saws for big dimensions pieces, vertical cutting and mitre cutting band saws are the solutions offered by DANOBAT.

Danobat Overview

Over 60 years experience

Manufactured in Spain

Vertical & horizontal bandsaws and drilling lines

High performance and high accuracy saws

The Danobat iDS series provides high performance in productivity due to its laser fast approach. The iDS range also includes an anti vibration roller which, along with hydraulic clamping, gives heightened accuracy. The iDS band saw has a very heavy duty construction that allows you to take full advantage of the latest and future developments in band saw blade technology.

Like the iDS series the DS3A machine has hydraulic clamping, powered swarf brush and swarf brush removal. DANOBAT understands the importance of accuracy which is why the DS3A has an accurate position tolerance and blade monitoring system. Touch screen controls make the machine easy to use and it also has a practical materials cutting chart.

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