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YILMAZ AIM 7510 CNC 5 axis aluminium machining centre

Machine Subcategory

Non Ferrous 5 Axis Machining Centre


AIM 7510 is 5-axis servo controlled machining center which is designed to perform drilling, grooving, notching, tapping, milling, sawing etc. on all kinds of aluminum profiles, light alloys in general and thin walled steel profiles.

Efficient and economic processing on 5 sides of the profiles is possible with this fully automatic machining center.

The moveable turret tool magazine equipped with 12 standard tools provide a fast tool change. It is housed in the mobile gantry to minimise the tool change time. An additional magazine for the saw blade with 350 mm dia. ensures ease of machining on the exterior applications of the profiles.

The machine can be used in tandem mode, a work method that allows machine stop times to be reduced to a minimum as it allows workpiece change time (loading/unloading) to be performed safely while the machine is operating. 

Standard Specification

  • CNC automation system providing motion control on 5-axes
  • Uninterrupted machining by means of the tandem mode to reduce/eliminate loading/unloading down time
  • Ability of effective CAD/CAM programming by means of user friendly CAMPROX program
  • 2 x separate magazine units for 12 standard tools and 1 for Ø350mm saw blade
  • Solid steel body construction and dynamic performance gantry
  • Automatic clamp recognition and clamp positioning are available
  • Special sound insulation cabinet around the machining center
  • High precision HSD spindle and internationally recognized components
  • CNC controlled spray tool lubrication system
  • 8x automatic clamps used for clamping the work piece firmly
  • 2x pneumatic datums used for resetting the work piece in X axis
  • Hand held controller allows you to prove the job before running at speed
  • Optimum operational safety guaranteed by 3-zone field scanner system
  • 10’’ colour touch screen
  • Program import via USB flash memory stick
  • Standard ISO ‘G’ code programming language
  • Automatic central guide lubrication system
  • LED lighting in the cabinet
  • Multi-language support

Optional Features

  • Work station PC for CAM applications
  • Compensation chuck (up to M8 tapping)
  • Chip removal conveyor belt
  • Tool car
  • Additional clamps
  • Saw blade, tools, tool holder and collets
  • Oil mist blower
  • Design & manufacturing of mould height apparatus for special profiles

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YILMAZ AIM 7510 CNC 5 axis aluminium machining centre Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Yilmaz
Machine Type Machining Centre
Dimensions 350mm × 30mm bore ×
Motor 15kW
Feeding Stroke 7000mm
Material Type(s) Section

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