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Yilmaz PIM 6508


PIM 6508 is an 8-axis CNC controlled machining center which is specifically designed to process PVC profiles.

The machine can do all operations on four sides of PVC profiles such as milling, opening key holes, water slots, hinge holes, handle holes, marking and saw blade cutting.

PIM 6508 has programming features which provide minimum waste
and maximum amount of production.

10 pieces of PVC profiles can be placed on the feeding conveyor of the machine and a 3-axis pneumatic gripper moves them into the milling & cutting center. Operator is able to attach printed barcodes on the processed profiles to make them ready for the welding operation.

Standard Specification

  • Designed for all kinds of drilling, grooving, notching, taping etc. on profiles
  • Uninterrupted machining by means of a tandem mode to
    reduce the workpiece change time
  • B&R HMI enabling CNC movement on 3 axis
  • 8 tool magazine unit, 6 for cutter bits, 1 for aggregates and 1 for saw blade
  • Solid steel construction of the body and dynamic performance Gantry
  • Special sound insulation cabinet around the machining center
  • PLC controlled spray tool cooling system with 3 outlets
  • 4 x automatic clamps used for grabbing the work piece
  • 2 x pneumatic rests used for resetting the work piece in X direction
  • 15’’ color touch screen
  • Fast programming using 7 preset macros
  • Program import via USB flash memory stick
  • Technical support via remote connection capability
  • Standard ISO ‘G’ code programming language
  • Central lubrication system
  • Multi-language support
  • Operator safety barrier
  • LED lighting in the cabinet

Optional Features

  • Chip vacuum extractor
  • Additional saw blade
  • Additional milling bits

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Yilmaz PIM 6508 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Yilmaz
Machine Type Aluminium
Operation Type Automatic
Material Type Profiles & Sections
Materials UPVC
Dimensions 500 × 30 ×
Motor 2.2 kW
Weight 3,400 Kg
Machine Dimensions 12500 x 3800 x 2500m × ×

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