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Trennjaeger VCT400HA


The Heavy Duty Trennjaeger Circular Saws have a deep history in building machines to last!

The VCT 400 HA uses helical-toothed and hardened spur gears which have been proven thousand of times over for 30+ years.

The benefit of such strength is much higher efficiency and performance. These machines with this gearbox are especially suitable for stainless steels, corrosion-resistant or solid materials and thick-walled materials.

Detailed Description

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Ideal for stainless steel, solids & thick walled materials
  • Precise smooth descent of saw head via ball screw
  • Easily adjusted cutting head stroke
  • Heavy duty gearbox with helical & hardened spur gears
  • Head descends on hardened linear guides
  • Easy 45° right /60° left mitre
  • Split vice anti-burr pneumatic clamping system
  • Invertor speed controlLarge, square, integral base for stability
  • Internal recirculating coolant pump

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Trennjaeger VCT400HA Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Trennjaeger
Machine Type Circular
Operation Type Semi-Automatic
Material Type Steels
Materials Solid & Section
Dimensions 400mm × ×
Weight 500Kg
Machine Dimensions 1150x1000x1900mm × ×
Material Type(s) Section, Solid
Material(s) Solids, Non-Ferrous, Ferrous
90°45° Left45° Right60° Left60° Right
Round Section (mm) 140mm 120mm 120mm 105mm
Rectangular Section Horizontal (mm) 210x120mm 145x120mm 145x120mm 105x105mm
Square Section (mm) 140mm 120mm 120mm 105mm
Solid Round 90 140mm

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