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GEKA Puma 80S

Machine Subcategory

Punching Machines


The GEKA Puma 80S steelworker is a precision punching machine with 80 tonnes of punching power, a maximum capacity of 40 x 14mm and running at 40 strokes per minute (based on a 20mm stroke) and a maximum stroke of 70mm. The Puma 80S punching machine has been designed to provide precision results by avoiding any distortion becuase of its rigid construction, with the assistance of an additional guide and a slow approach for accurate setting of tooling. 

The range of GEKA hydraulic punching machines have been designed by experienced technicians, assisted by powerful CAD/CAM equipment and adapted to the ongoing suggestions of over 80,000 users of GEKA shears and punching machines worldwide.

Standard Specification

  • Precision machined bed
  • Cylinder with additional guide for precision punching
  • Rigid construction
  • Slow approach for accurate setting of tooling
  • Quick change punch
  • Safety protection
  • Ample space for mounting special equipment

Optional Features

  • Large number of optional, standard and special accessories to perform a wide range of jobs
  • Range of punching machines from 55 to 220 tonnes

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GEKA Puma 80S Technical Specifications

Manufacturer GEKA
Machine Type Steel Worker
Punching 40 through 14mm, 28 through 20mm
Punching Power 800kN
Tonnage 80 tonnes
Throat Capacity 510mm
Table Height 1094mm
Motor 9kW
Weight 1715Kgs net

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