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GEKA Gamma Roller (C2PL) 80

Machine Subcategory

Automatic Lines


The GEKA Gamma Rollers 80 product line is designed to offer a cost-effective and completely automated solution to your angle iron cutting and punching needs.

Standard Specification

The Gamma Roller machines solves your automated punching and shearing requirements. The end product is obtained in a single process, already cut and punched thus increasing the productivity and effiency as well as reducing costs.

  • Minimum size 40x40x4 mm
  • Maximum size 80x80x8 mm
  • No of Punches 2 (1/wing)
  • Maximum Punch Diameter 25 mm
  • Punching Force 340 kn
  • Shear station tonnage 650 kn
  • Feeder Speed Programmable up to 36 m/min

Optional Features

  • Automatic loading system CNC controlled
  • Line PRO software - allows importing dxf & dstv files.

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GEKA Gamma Roller (C2PL) 80 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer GEKA
Machine Type Steel Worker
Punching 25 through 8mm
Steel Angle Shear 90 80 x 80 x 8mm
Steel Angle Shear Tonnage 650kN
Punching Power 340kN

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