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GEKA Alfa 500

Machine Subcategory

Automatic Lines


The GEKA Alfa 500 is a CNC-controlled, automated line for punching, marking and shearing flat bar. This machine is versatile and functional for any job involving a large amount of flat bars, especially for construction industry base plates and end plates.

Flat bars up to 12 metres in length are positioned and secured by means of an automated carriage unit employing pneumatic rollers. This line is equipped with a triple-head punching unit for diameters up to 40mm and a shearing station for over-sized material up to 500mm in width, with a thickness up to 20mm.

Standard Specification

Rack & pinion servo drive carriage
Flat bars are pushed and clamped by the carriage
Pneumatic clamping guides
Side rollers

Accommodates three different, independently selectable punches
Diameter up to 40mm
Hydraulic hold down
Servo motor and spindle-driven horizontal positioning along Y-Axis

Flat bar single cut
Hydraulic hold down and clamping guides

PC on Windows platform
Network Connectivity
USB ports
Graphic interfaces
Remote Assistance via internet

Optional Features

  • Automatic loading
  • Mitre shear unit
  • Angle punching unit
  • Angle shearing unit
  • Marking unit
  • Line Pro Software
  • Drilling unit

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GEKA Alfa 500 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer GEKA
Machine Type Steel Worker
Steel Flatbarshear 500 x 20mm,
Punching 40 through 20mm, 30 through 25mm
Tonnage 110 tonnes punching, 187 tonnes shearing

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