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Automatic Circular Saws


The ExactCut TAC 75 circular saw is intended for cutting both solid and profile materials at 90°.

The TAC machine series are fitted with a compact and powerful cutting unit placed on pre-tensioned linear guidance, driven by a suitably dimensioned servomotor.

Supporting components are filled with a polymer composite providing maximum vibration absorbtion and ensure long service life, high cutting precision and maximum blade life. Lubrication of the blade is provided with a 'mist spray' micronizer which is standard on every machine. 

Standard Specification

  • 6m inclined magazine feeder
  • Output sorting chute (parts up to 150mm long)
  • Circular saw dimensions 1527x2180x1950 mm
  • Cutting angle 90°
  • Cutting speed 60 - 220 m/min
  • High performance suitable for medium to high quantity production
  • Three basic dimensions acc. to the maximum cutting depth
  • Intended particularly for cutting round steel bars
  • Easy and intuitive control
  • Optional peripheral devices

Optional Features

Feeder Stock Length Options

The inclined magazine feeder can be reduced in length (3 metres) or increased in length (9 metres) to suit the maximum stock length dimensions of different applications.

Bundle loader

A bundle loading system extension to the input conveyor, makes material handling significantly quicker and easier The whole bundle is placed into the feeder straps from where it is automatically fed to the gravity feeder and individual bars are separated. The machine works automatically until the feeder system needs replenishing with stock material.

Conveyor belt

The outfeed conveyor belt is designed for cutting components longer than 150mm, where it also serves as material support behind the blade. The cut pieces are ejected into an adjacent bin or box. Simultaneous cutting and ejection of workpieces reduces cycle times, thus increasing production and reducing manual labour and handling.

Extraction equipment

In plants with insufficient ventilation it is appropriate to equip the TAC machine with equipment for extracting the oil mist formed during cutting. Our machines are supplied with OVF/A extraction manufactured by ARNO, fitted with HEPA filters capturing microparticles and smoke/fumes. The filter contamination level is shown with an indicator.

Remote control

The Remote 'online' assistance enables you to always have your machine under control, which prevents unnecessary downtime owing to any unexpected production stoppage. Through the remote assistance, an ExactCut technician can connect to a machine located anywhere in the world, analyse the problem occurred, and provide a solution. An indisputable advantage is the possibility to perform minor interventions into the machine program without the necessity to call a service technician to site.

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EXACTCUT TAC 75 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer ExactCut
Machine Type Circular
Dimensions 250 or 285mm × 32mm bore × 1 - 3mm thick
Motor 7.5kW
Weight 1540kgs net
Material Type(s) Solid
90°45° Left45° Right60° Left60° Right
Solid Round 90 10-75mm
Solid Square 90 10-65mm

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