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AKYAPAK 3ADM 1200 CNC Multi Spindle Drilling Machine

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The AKYAPAK 3ADM CNC Multi spindle drilling machine is equipped with sub-axis that enables independent control of all 3 spindles within 500mm of the X axis without needing to reposition the material. Each spindle can move independently in 3 axes while the material is stationary. This feature reduces processing time considerably and increases efficiency.

Link the 3ADM to the AST 1300 CNC mitre bandsaw and infeed/outfeed cross tranfers for the ultimate in Saw/Drill line technology.

Standard Specification

  • Infeed conveyors, (12mt)
  • Outfeed conveyors, (12mt)
  • Lantek Flex 3D Steel Work
  • Automatic Lubrication System
  • AC Cooling for electrical panel
  • MQL internal tool lubrication
  • Gripper Feeding arm
  • Remote Control
  • Online Connection Hub (required for remote service)
  • ATC – Automatic Tool Changers
  • Mobile Control Panel
  • 15” Touch Screen (Mitsubishi or Siemens)

Optional Features

  • Additional Infeed conveyor
  • Additional Outfeed conveyor
  • AST 1300-600 Bandsaw as Tandem
  • Installation/Commissioning/Training
  • Lantex Flex 3D Steel Work SD Plus Upgrade
  • SAT importer
  • CAM importer
  • DSTV Importer
  • Chip Conveyor
  • Automatic Tool & Material Measurement
  • Initial Drilling Package
  • Scribing Marking Tool (pneumatic, 20,000rpm)
  • Scribing Marking Tool (3,000rpm)
  • Web support unit – Mechanic
  • Web support unit - Hydraulic
  • Hydraulic Disk Marking Unit
  • Light Curtains
  • Underside Scribing Marking
  • Magnetic Discharge System 
  • Additional Tools
  • Infeed Cross tranfers
  • Output Cross tranfers

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AKYAPAK 3ADM 1200 CNC Multi Spindle Drilling Machine Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Akyapak
Machine Type Metal Forming
Table Height 800mm
Material Type(s) Section
Material(s) Sections

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