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AKYAPAK 1ADM 1200 Meteor CNC Drilling Line

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The AKYAPAK Meteor-1200 is developed to drill any kind of profile by rotating the beam for Small-Mid Size Fabricators. The tight tolerance between the holes is not a matter anymore since day to day steel fabricators need more accurate manufacturing and assembling in a shorter time. METEOR-1200 is ready to reduce your labour either for drilling or for on-site assembly.

Ready to drill beams, box, angles and flat. You can also perform milling for slots, milling pockets, milling service holes, tapping and scribing.

Standard Specification

  • Fast Return on Investment
  • High Versatility in Small Footprint
  • Full CNC Control
  • 250mm sub axis (2 X axes)
  • 15 kW Siemens Spindle Motor Power
  • 6 Station Tool Changer
  • LASER Automatic Tool Measurement & Material Zero Referencing
  • High positioning tolerance and repeatability
  • Very robust design
  • Worldwide spare parts availability
  • User friendly interface
  • Fast, accurate and maintenance free
  • Available in Lenghts of 6,10,14,18,22,26 metres
  • Internal tool lubrication
  • Automatic machine central lubrication system
  • Automatic tool measurement and material referencing
  • Remote Control console
  • Online remote support

Optional Features

  • Scribing marking
  • Additional drilling sets (Weldon shank, tool, insert, pull stud)

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AKYAPAK 1ADM 1200 Meteor CNC Drilling Line Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Akyapak
Machine Type Metal Forming
Motor 15kW
Material Type(s) Section

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