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Machine Subcategory

Automatic Circular Saws


SK 450 is designed for the straight cutting operations of large profiles in PVC and aluminum by means of Ø450 mm saw blade at 90°. It is ideal for precision batch cutting operations.

Standard Specification

  • Suitable for high-volume cutting of aluminum profiles for window manufacturing and industrial applications
  • High precision servo motors and internationally recognised components
  • Time saving by means of servo controlled workpiece infeed speed and saw blade stroke
  • Horizontal and vertical clamping of the workpiece during the sawing operation
  • Automatic table retraction feature that moves the cut material a small amount after cutting to create a gap for the blade retraction to prevent 'back cutting'
  • High cutting accuracy by means of the robust mechanical structure
  • Programmable spray saw blade lubrication system via control panel
  • Large memory capacity for cutting programs
  • The machine shuts down automatically after reaching the requested quantity
  • Operator safety guard equipped with interlock switch
  • Feeding distance per cycle (5–600 mm) No limit for maximum dimension multifeed
  • Capacity: Height, 5mm - 170mm / Width 5mm - 270 mm


  • Roller conveyor
  • Equipped with saw blade Ø 450 mm
  • Spray saw blade lubrication system
  • Ball screw lubrication system
  • Air gun
  • 3x horizontal clamps

Optional Features

  • Additional saw blade with Ø 450 mm
  • VCE 1570 Chip vacuum extractor
  • Bundle Cutting Kit

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YILMAZ SK450 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Yilmaz
Machine Type Aluminium
Dimensions 450mm dia × 30/32mm bore ×
Motor 4kW
Weight 434 kgs net

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