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Bonetti Opus 1000 TF Series

Standard Specification

  • TF offers a cast iron machine table with a maximum load of 700kg
  • The TM version has a 1050mm stroke with a maximum loading of 1500kg
  • Sets of guide bearings and carbide support pads are fitted above & below the table
  • Machines accommodate a range of blade widths
  • Blade speed continuously variable across two selectable ranges
  • High power blade motors
  • Blade tensioning & blade guide operation are manual on the TF & hydraulic on the TM

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Bonetti Opus 1000 TF Series Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Bonetti
Machine Type Bandsaw
Operation Type Manual
Dimensions 6320mm × 27mm × 0.9mm
Throat Capacity 1100mm
Table Size 1000mm x 1150mm
Motor 4kW
Weight 2200Kg
Machine Dimensions 2.4 x 2.4 x 1.2 × ×
90°45° Left45° Right60° Left60° Right
Round Section (mm) 750mm

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