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Ileri Teknik Smart 350 LM 600



This Ileri Teknik SMART 350 LM 600 machine is a Fully Automatic Straight Cutting Sawing Machine, complete with Bundle Loader for High Production Cutting of Tubes.

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Detailed Description

  • Servo material feeding system
  • Servo vertical cutting system
  • 200 programs with saved cutting parameters
  • PLC controlled touch screen panel
  • 1,000 mm feeding length
  • Over 1000 mm multiply feeding
  • ± 0.2 mm cutting length precision
  • High performance gear box 
  • Cutting head on vertical linear guide system,
  • Backlash eliminating device prolongs the life of saw blade
  • Coolant tank with box to collect chips
  • Visual and Audible warning system 
  • Anti-burr clamping system,

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Ileri Teknik Smart 350 LM 600 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Ileri Teknik
Machine Type Circular
Operation Type Fully Automatic
Material Type Section
Materials Steels
Dimensions 350mm × 32mm ×
Table Height 960mm
Motor 4kW
Coolant Motor 0.9kW
Feeding Stroke 1,000mm
Weight 2,500Kg
Machine Dimensions 7,500 x 2,300 x 1,85 × ×
Material Type(s) Section
Material(s) Sections, Ferrous
90°45° Left45° Right60° Left60° Right
Round Section (mm) 90mm
Rectangular Section Horizontal (mm) 80x80mm
Square Section (mm) 80x80mm

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