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Waytrain UE-460 DSAG


Semi-Automatic bandaw with two way mitre up to 60 degrees. Variable speed, Hydraulic Vices and Powered Bow raise all as standard. 

Technical Features

  • Heavy duty bow, cast guide arms with carbide pads for fast accurate cutting.
  • HMI Control Panel
  • Easy mitre 60* - 0 - 60*
  • Full stroke hydraulic vice with vice pressure reduction
  • Automatic head height setting
  • Infinitely variable blade speed 32~96 m/min
  • Blade speed readout
  • Variable downfeed control
  • Laser line for accurate material positioning
  • Swivelling control box
  • Motor driven chip brush
  • Vice pressure regulator
  • Angle readout device

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Waytrain UE-460 DSAG Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Waytrain
Machine Type Bandsaw
Operation Type Semi-Automatic
Material Type Sections
Dimensions 5600mm × 41mm × 1.3mm
Table Height 922mm
Motor 3.7kW
Hydraulic Tank 55 Litres
Material Type(s) Section
Material(s) Sections, Solids, Non-Ferrous, Ferrous
90°45° Left45° Right60° Left60° Right
Round Section (mm) 460mm 445mm 445mm 295mm 295mm
Rectangular Section Horizontal (mm) 600x440mm
Square Section (mm) 460x460mm 460x460mm

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