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These two saws have proved themselves to be very reliable in what has been intensive service and have established their capability in efficiently and accurately handling a very challenging material. - Dean Matthews - Special Quality Alloys

Machine Subcategory

Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw


Heavy duty, vice feed automatic twin column bandsaw, designed for all types of material including solids and heavy wall sections.

Standard Specification

  • Fixed blade speeds of 25, 32, 42, 55, 70 & 80 m/min
  • LED Blade speed readout
  • Bundle clamps fitted as standard to both front and rear vice for multiple bars cutting
  • Multi pass to facilitate the cutting of components that are longer than the 400mm material feed stroke
  • Split front vice to minimise burr by clamping both sides of the material either side of the blade
  • Automatic 'fast approach' T Bar and bow raise
  • Blade monitor to automatically stop the machine in the event of a blade break/jam
  • 41mm wide blade
  • Powered Swarf Brush
  • Automatic swarf conveyor
  • Cuts sections and solids, including stainless steel and exotics!
  • Hydraulic blade tension for easy blade change and accurate, fast cutting
  • Easy operation with full stroke hydraulic vices
  • High accuracy on squareness and cut length
  • Shadow Lamp
  • 35 year track record in the UK, well over 1000 machines sold

Optional Features

  • Variable blade speed from 20 ~ 80 m/min
  • Vice pressure reduction
  • Amplifying valve for auto-adjusting cutting feed-rate
  • GA Numeric control
  • Cutting depth control

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MEGA H-460A Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Mega
Machine Type Bandsaw
Dimensions 5300mm × 41mm × 1.3mm
Table Height 749mm
Feeding Stroke 400mm
Weight 3350 kgs net
Material Type(s) Solid
Material(s) Solids, Nickel Alloys
90°45° Left45° Right60° Left60° Right
Solid Round 90 460mm
Solid Rectangle 90 480x460mm

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