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Cutting times are now that much shorter than before, so much so that the Prosaw CS N machine has made several of our older machines redundant due to the capacity and speed of the new machine. Our overall experience has been very good indeed and when any minor problems have arisen, they have been swiftly solved by Prosaw.

Nigel Bird - A D Bird Stainless

Machine Subcategory

Automatic Circular Saws


NC High Speed Automatic Carbide Circular Sawing machine, designed for very fast cutting of solid bar providing a clean, swarf free billet

Standard Specification

  • Heavy duty gear transmission designed for high speed carbide blade sawing
  • Disc braked transmission to eliminate gearbox 'backlash'
  • Designed to minimize vibration for optimum cut quality and blade life
  • NC servo motor and ball screw feeder for precision accuracy and quick set up
  • Integrated magazine feeder with easy adjustment of material size
  • Oil mist spray for virtually dry cut and superb finish
  • Automatic trim cut separation chute

Optional Features

  • Auto chip conveyor
  • Long cut-off pieces unloading table
  • Bar stock reservoir and loader
  • Chain belt magazine table for flat work-piece

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MEGA CS-150S Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Mega
Machine Type Circular
Dimensions 460mm Ø × 50mm bore × 2.7mm
Feeding Stroke 6~600mm Single Feed
Weight 3650 kgs net
Material Type(s) Solid
90°45° Left45° Right60° Left60° Right
Solid Round 90 50~150mm
Solid Square 90 70~110mm

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