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BOMAR Workline 410.280DGH

Machine Subcategory

Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw


The Bomar Workline 410.280DGH is a semi-automatic mitre bandsaw ideal for the general fabricator or production of steel structures. Mitre cutting in both directions to 60° with a large easy-to-read angular scale. This machine also has a digital readout of the mitre angle, an adjustable hydraulic pressure regulation downfeed valve and variable blade speed to cope with a wide variety of cutting applications.

Standard Specification

  • 2 way easy mitre cutting – 60° right, 60° left
  • Easy to read mitre scale
  • DRO for mitre angle
  • Full stroke hydraulic vice
  • Powered bow raise
  • Adjustable back off valve for optimising downfeed speed relative to material mass
  • Control box mounted on swinging arm
  • Simple, robust push button controls
  • Variable blade speed 20 to 120m/min
  • Dovetail sliding vice for mitre cutting
  • 27mm blade width
  • Bed height: 756mm

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BOMAR Workline 410.280DGH Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Bomar
Machine Type Bandsaw
Dimensions 3800mm × 27mm × 0.9mm
Table Height 756mm
Motor 2.2kW
Material Type(s) Section
Material(s) Sections
90°45° Left45° Right60° Left60° Right
Round Section (mm) 280mm 280mm 280mm 220mm 210mm
Rectangular Section Horizontal (mm) 410x280mm 330x100mm 310x150mm 225x100mm 205x100mm
Rectangular Section Vertical (mm) 410x280mm 290x280mm 260x280mm 170x280mm 175x280mm
Square Section (mm) 280mm 280mm 270mm 210mm 190mm
Solid Round 90 150mm
Solid Square 90 150mm

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