BOMAR Individual 620.460DGH

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Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw


The Bomar Individual 620.460DGH is a double mitre semi-automatic twin column bandsaw with a bevel range of 60° in both directions designed for straight and mitre cutting section materials.

Standard Specification

  • 2 way mitre cutting to 60° in both directions
  • Material clamped at 90° to the datum vice face, irrespective of mitre angle to be cut
  • Integrated material rollers up to the saw machine's support tables
  • Large, precise V-guide block for the adjustable guide arm
  • Powered swarf brush synchronised to the blade speed
  • Large, easily visible mitre scale readable right from the pivoting console
  • Vice with full-length hydraulic cylinder and special adjustable guide on hardened, ground rails
  • Digital display of exact mitre angle
  • Twin column design, saw bow supported on twin linear bearings
  • Hydraulic downfeed control with automatic cutting control
  • Variable blade speed

Bomar Individual 620.460DGH Technical Details

The vice is guided on hardened, ground rails. The special design allows the slide rails to be readjusted at any time and the vice to be held play-free.

Large tungsten carbide pads fitted to vibration-damping cast material and low-wear rollers guide the blade perfectly for precise and accurate cuts.

Full length cylinders
Generously sized full stroke cylinders allow the vice clamping and unclamping operation from the control panel.

Saw band tensioner
Standard equipment includes a hydraulic band tension display, an electronic monitor for saw blade tension and saw band breakage.

AFDR (Automatic Down Feed Regulation)
Cutting feed and cutting pressure are set individually at the control panel. The selected cutting pressure is displayed on a gauge.

The ADFR system regulates the cutting pressure and the cutting feed rate automatically in real time. A sensor gives the current load on the blade and regulates the cutting feed according to the shape and cross section of the material. For larger cross cuts, the cutting channel lengthens and the saw band's load increases which activates the ADFR valves to reduce the downfeed rate automatically. If the cutting feed in these ranges is not automatically adjusted, blade life drastically decreases and/or accuracy is lost!

Optional Features

  • Bundle Clamps
  • MQL Mist Spray Lubrication
  • Hydraulic Blade Tension
  • Laser illumination of actual saw cut line
  • Additional Auxiliary Coolant Hose & Gun
  • Digital Readout of Mitre Angle
  • Blade Deflection Monitor
  • Vice Pressure Regulation
  • Powered Mitring
  • Low Voltage Worklamp
  • NC Control Measuring Stop
  • Powered Rollerways
  • Mitre Connection Roller Tables

BOMAR Individual 620.460DGH Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Bomar
Machine Type Bandsaw
Dimensions 6100mm × 41mm × 1.3mm
Table Height 780mm
Motor 4kW
Weight 1850 kgs net
90°45° Left45° Right60° Left60° Right
Round Section (mm) 460mm 420mm 420mm 300mm 275mm
Rectangular Section Horizontal (mm) 620x460mm 440x300mm 420x400mm 300x460mm 280x390mm
Rectangular Section Vertical (mm) 460x620mm 460x410mm 460x400mm 460x300mm 460x265mm
Square Section (mm) 460mm 420mm 405mm 300mm 265mm
Solid Round 90 350mm
Solid Square 90 350mm

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